Premium Rotators Bitcoin Faucet

Free Bitcoin Premium Rotators

Free Bitcoin Premium Rotators – is a website like It is a bitcoin faucet and also it contains links of the top paying cryptocurrency faucets around. Visitors need to register in order to collect from the bitcoin faucet to avoid bots. Members can collect 13 – 10,000 satoshi every 5 minutes and the threshold for payment is 500 satoshi due everyday.

Members need wallet addresses that is link to their faucethub account to receive payments. For further information… Members need a wallet address of the coins he want to collect. Then after getting their wallet addresses they need to link it to their faucethub account by registering in faucethub then clicking the wallet address tab. They only need to supply the necessary info and the wallet they want to add in dashboard then wallet addresses.

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Collect Different Altcoins

Aside from the bitcoin faucet, members can also collect from their faucet lists. Bitcoin faucet list, Bitcoincash faucet list, Litecoin faucet list, Dogecoin faucet list, Dash faucet list, Peercoin faucet list, Primecoin faucet list, Ethereum faucet list, Monero faucet list, Virtacoin faucet list and PTC monitoring.

There are many faucets to collect those free coins and each faucet in the list is paying and stable. If a faucet is not paying your can simply click the report button so the admin of the site could remove it.

Free Bitcoin Premium Rotators – Add Your Faucet

Premium Rotators allows other faucet owner to add their own faucet in the list. They only need to access the forum and add their faucet links and wait for the admin to check and put their faucet in the list of faucets.

There are some rules in order to get faucets accepted. A Faucet should only have 2 popups and No mining browser injection software.

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How To Earn From Faucets?

Collecting coins into faucets is fun because it gives free coins. But if you really want to earn from faucet you should make a faucet for yourself. But before you do, you need funds so you can reward visitors who will visit your faucet. The first thing to do is collect coins and stuff your faucethub account with different coins so you wont need to buy.

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When you have some coins in your account in faucethub make a your own faucet and apply to be a publisher in bitcoin ad networks. Ad networks pays faucet owners by putting advertisements to their site. Payments are in the form of cryptocurrecy which is bitcoin directly to your wallet address.

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Some Ad networks like a-ads and coinmedia doesn’t have any requirements to join and to be accepted as a publisher. You can apply and you will be approve right away and you put their ads in your faucet’s website.

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