Bitcoin Faucet Scripts

Bitcoin Faucet Scripts

Bitcoin faucet scripts are use to run bitcoin and other cryptocurrency faucets. Some faucet scripts can run multiple cryptocurrency others can only run certain coins. To own and run faucets you should have a domain name and a hosting provider to host your site.

Here are faucet scripts you can use to run your faucets along with the demo. Just click the demo link to view the site so you can have an idea how the script would look like online.

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Faucet Scripts

Faucetinabox Script

Faucetinabox script is one of the first and easiest to customize faucet script. Originally use for which is now close but their faucet script is still maintain thanks to makejar.

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This script can be use in faucetsystem and faucethub. The best thing about this script is that it is free and have the most altcoin support.

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Alpha Faucet Script

This is a very light faucet script. It doesn’t need a database to run. Dual microwallet support, can run on both faucethub and faucetsystem at the same time. This feature is very useful in getting many visitors. Microwallets puts their member’s faucet in their website to be access by visitors who access their list.

bitcoin faucet scripts alpha faucet script free download

More visitors generated because of dual microwallet support. More visitors means high traffic and high earnings. It also has a guard against Proxy, VPN and ad-blocker. It has pre-loader to fully load the website before it opens and countdown timer.

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FaucetSystem Faucet script

Payouts rewards are random and it has a built-in anti-bot protection. It has 3 pages which is good for additional advertisement placements. Also has a jackpot feature and the amount of price is automatically increase depending on the number of faucet claims.

faucet scripts faucetsystem free download free to use

Additional feature is the country tier so faucet owners have the data which country their traffic is coming from. This is good to know where your traffic is coming from. To get idea on what advertisement your going to place on your faucet. If your faucet have visitors from countries that with less english proficiency, you might want to place a google translator on your site. TO get better engagement on your site’s pages and contents.

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bitcoin faucet scripts wordpress plugin

For WordPress Website

99Bitcoin Faucet Plugin

WordPress Faucet Plugin – faucet plugin for wordpress websites. It supports several altcoins like bitcoin, dash and litecoin. To install you only need a wordpress website and just upload the plugin and activate it. This plugin is very secure, you can customize almost everything that runs with it.

bitcoin faucet scripts wordpress plugin

Setting threshold, anti-bot protection is high and inserting your own wallet is available. This is not free, a small amount of satoshi is given to developers when paying members. Note: You can not run more that 1 faucet in 1 wordpress site. If you already have a bitcoin faucet you can’t have an additional dash faucet on your site. If you want another altcoin faucet, you need to install it in another domain or subdomain and install wordpress then install the plugin.

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Bitcoin Faucet Plugin

Bitcoin Faucet Plugin – faucet plugin for wordpress. It also support multiple altcoins and it is totally free. Faucet owners have bitcoin faucet exchange list for extra traffic.

bitcoin faucet scripts wp bitcoin faucet plugin free to use bitcoin faucet script

Can be customize on what the faucet owners need. Colors can be change and add advertisement through admin panel. It has adblock-aware so faucet owners can earn from visitors through advertisements. It also works with mobile devices and tablets.

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