Faucet FAQ

Bitfoundation’s Bitcoin Faucet FAQ:

If your question is not in our FAQ section feel free to email at admin@bitfoundation.net

You have to be a member of the site to use the faucet. You can register using the Registration Page .
Payments are sent every Sunday if your account balance have 500 or more.
You need a faucehub account to get paid. You need to add your bitcoin address to faucethub.
This can be cause by several reasons:

1. You didn't reach the 500 satoshi threshold before we sent the payment.
2. You did not add your bitcoin address in your faucethub account.
3. You bitcoin address is not linked to your account. Better use only 1 bitcoin address to avoid this.
You can check how many times you already claim at the Notification Text just above the Captcha.
Go to the login screen and click reset password and the reset link will be send to your email so you can get a new password.
We don't have any referral earnings for now. We only have Seniority Bonuses.
Seniority Bonuses are given to members that are actively claiming in the faucet.
If a member collect ones in every 3 days he will get 5% bonus on his payment.
If he continue to collect for 31 days he will get a 6% increase his payment.
Seniority Bonus goes up to 10% bonus.
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