Auto Faucet Scripts

Auto Faucet Scripts Introduction

Auto faucet scripts are use to run a cryptocurrency faucet but without doing to much captcha solving. Usually members only needs to solve one captcha per hour and you will have automatic claims for one hour. Time cryptocurrency faucets sets time limit from claims. But cryptocurrency auto faucets are almost automatic. Visitors and guess only solve one captcha per hour and they can collect cryptocurrency when they click the claim button and leave the browser open for an hour. If the visitor want to collect again, then all he have to do is solve one captcha and he’ll get another free hour of claims.

Here are two working demos: and

Earning and Claims

The claims on auto faucets are continuous. The time of claim depends on the visitor. If the visitor set the auto claim into two minutes, then every two minutes he will have his cryptocurrency. Duration of the free claims usually is one hour.

Some auto faucets give away different cryptos at the same time. Firefaucet is a unique auto faucet that lets members choose what kind of cryptocurrency they want to claim. The claims that are given to members depends on how many short link a member click. If a member click and solve the captcha of one short link he will have 50 free claims. A reward of random claims every 24 hours is given to members.

supported coins

Auto Faucet Script Supported Cryptos

These auto faucet scripts supports bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, dash, monero, litecoin, dash, peercoin, primecoin, zcash, digibyte, blackcoin, blackcoin and bitcore. You can make a auto faucet that rewards these cryptos. The set reward in auto faucet is smaller than time cryptocurrency faucets.

Japakar Auto Faucet Script create these auto faucet script. This script is free and no hidden postback to pay the creator. It is very clean in design and the colors are quite eye catching. If you prefer a different color for your auto faucet then you can easily change it through css. There is no hidden miner software but you can enable the mining by clicking the option and have double reward when claiming coins. If you don’t want to enable mining then keep it uncheck.

auto faucet scripts japakar

How To Install

You will need a domain name and a hosting provider to get your auto faucet to run. Why do you need a domain name? Because sub domains are rejected by bitcoin ad networks. If you want to earn from your site a domain name is a must. If you’re only planning to share your cryptos then you can create a free subdomain in a hosting site.


1. Domain Name you can get it Here.
2. Hosting Provider you can get it Here.
3. Auto Faucet Script can get it Here
4. Important: You need to install this script to the root public folder (public_html/) and not in a page or sub directory or it wont work.

After you register for a domain name and purchase a hosting account you can start installing your site. First you need to login to your cpanel and look for the File Manager and click it. Look for the word Upload in the file manager’s nav bar and click it.

cpanel file manager


Upload The Auto Faucet Script

A new window will open then click select and browse your computer for the file your going to upload. Usually you can find it in the download folder in the documents folder. Upload the script that you have download.


auto faucet scripts upload files


Extract The Zip Script

After downloading the file right click on it and click extract. After the extraction is finish you need to open the folder (jap4.5.1) and move the contents to the root domain.


auto faucet scripts extract


Move The Files

How to move the files? Just open it and click the first file to the top and hold CTRL+Shift and click the last file at the bottom. Then right click, select move the a path will appear. Delete the (jap4.5.1) and then finally select Move Files.


auto faucet scripts move files


After moving the files to the public directory you can now open the config.php and put the necessary information. You will need to put your captcha API, nastyhost API, payment options, rate of claims, short links, domain name address and google analytics key.

After entering the information you can now open your auto faucet. Type the address site to your browser and you can see that it will open.

Setting Up An Account In Express Crypto

Your faucet will open but it will not work until you provide an expressctyto API key and place it on the config.php file.  You first need to go to expresscrypto site and register for an account. Then click your username  then Site Owner Tab. In the right part of your screen. Click Site Owner and click the +add site. Fill the information about your faucet and click save. Copy the API of your chosen cryptocurrency faucet and put it in the config.php of your auto faucet. Check the faucet now and it is now paying.

Modified Japakar Auto Faucet Script

This Japakar auto faucet scripts was modified by He change the appearance of the sidebar and the faucet main page as well. The color has been changed from green to blue green. Color of the faucet can easily be change by finding the css file and change it to your preference.


auto faucet scripts japakar modified


You can download the script: Here.

The modified version of Japakar auto faucet script and the modified version is just the appearance. Installation and settings of the faucet is the same as of the original script. If you want to try this one you can use the instructions in the original script, they have the same installation process.

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