Bitcoin Core Wallet – Store Your Bitcore Safely

Bitcoin Core Wallet

Bitcoin core wallet – is use to store bitcoin core coins. It is a offline wallet that needs to be setup into a computer in order to use it. There many software platforms you can run this wallet into. You have to download the correct installer for your operating system. If your computer is running on windows 32x bit. then you should download the installer windows x32 bit. How will you know what architecture your computer is running from? Just press the window key + r and type in dxdiag. You will see the software information and the specifics of your computer.

The operating systems that are currently supported are windows 32x bit, windows 64x bit, Linux 64x 32x, ARM Linux 64x 32x, Mac and Ubuntu. The software can be download directly through the link below or to their torrent link.


1. Computer running on Mac, Linux OS X, Windows.
2. Two (2) Gigabyte of Memory.
3. 145 Gigabyte of free disk space.
4. Fast internet connection.

bitcoin core wallet supported operating system

You will need a large disk space and a fast internet connection to synchronize your wallet to the network faster. While updating your wallet after the installation, you can already get your bitcoin core wallet address If your wallet is not up to date, you will never be able to send our receive funds from it.

How To Install

Download the wallet installer then open double click the installer. Follow the instructions and click the next button. Agree to the terms click next button and then finally click finish. Open your wallet so it can update and synchronize on the network.

bitcoin core wallet installation finish

Cool Features

You don’t need to give your wallet address to get paid. Just generate a QR code and sent it to other party who is paying you. You can easily track who pay you because of the unique invoices you will see in the receive tab.

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