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Bitcoin Game Pokebits

Bitcoin Game Pokebits is a bitcoin online RPG pokemon game. Members can earn bitcoin by doing pokemon battles, training their pokemon and free bitcoin on pokemon shops.

Members can play and get free bitcoin at the same time by completing task and traveling the world competing. Collect pet pokemons and train them to get higher rewards. Compete and collect the 8 gym badges to unlock more locations and quest.

Bitcoin Game Pokebits Role

Members take the part of being a pokemon trainer and the goal is to train pokemons to do battles to earn rewards and free bitcoin. There are a lot of combination on how to collect pokemons. Pokemon fighting have a strategy, some pokemons are weak among others. Fire pokemon are weak against water pokemon but fire pokemon are strong agains bugs and grass pokemons.

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Free Pokemon

Newly registered players will have the option in choosing a pet pokemon. They have the option to chose bulbasaur, charmander and squirtle. Bulbasaur is a grass pokemon which is great when fighting water, ground and rock pokemons. Charmander is a fire pokemon great when fighting ice, grass, bug and steel pokemons. Squirtle is a water pokemon great when fighting fire ground and rock pokemons.

Choosing a fire pokemon gives you the advantage because not only a dragon charmander looks cute and powerful, it also have 4 advantages in other pokemon types.

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But it’s really up to the player which pokemon he like to take as his pet. There are no wrong in choosing a pokemon, because it’s the trainer who will eventually make him strong and fit for battle. Trained and upgraded pokemons evolve and becomes more powerful. When a pokemon evolve even the image will change. So a small Charmander cute dragon will change and becomes a full grown dragon.

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