Bitcoin Game – Starcoins

Bitcoin game starcoins is a massive online space simulation game. The concept of the game is for players to earn different resources. Buy your own spaceship and produce resources. There are many ways to earn and produce different resources and you will know how simple it is after you finish with this tutorial.

Players can earn different cryptocurrencies depending on the player’s choice. They can exchange their resources for bitcoin, monero, litecoin, dogecoin and zcash.

Requirements To Join The Game

You will need an email address, wallet address and a faucethub account. All the coins that will be earn from the game will be paid to your faucethub account. Your wallet address should be link to your faucethub account to get the payment from the game.

Starcoins Resources

bitcoin game starcoins resources

There are different resources in the bitcoin game starcoins. Darkmater, Deuterium, Crystal, Metal and Energy. Darkmater is the most important resource that can be use to exchange for cryptocurrencies. The crypto’s that came from the exchange can be withdraw to your faucethub account. Players need crystals to mine Darkmater. Metal is use to upgrade the spaceship’s armor. Energy is also use to produce darkmater and for the spaceship’s energy consumption.

Start of The Game

After you register and login to your account you will be on your dashboard. In the right part of the dashboard you can see how many resources you have. Since you just starting, all your resources count will be zero. Your main objective now is to earn Crystals so you can buy your own spaceship to earn decent amount of resources. You can earn crystals easily by 1. Joining the Star rain by clicking the button join. 2. By clicking the New Atlantis and doing a simple job. Both process rewards players decent amount of crystals.

starcoins starrain

Star rain rewards players every hour. You don’t need to be online to get the reward. Players only need to click the button join. Rewards are giver every hour to players that join. The reward vary depending on the donation of the other players that want to contribute to the game. players can also earn crystals from CPU mining, offerwalls and by clicking the shorlinks in the Resources tab.

Buying A Spaceship

When you have enough crystals go to the spaceship tab and buy the space that you want. Different space have different price. The higher the stats the spaceship the more expensive it is. But there is an exemption to this rule. If the cheapest Spaceship have upgrades on the specs. It will be more powerful than spaceships that are expensive but doesn’t undergone any upgrades.

starcoins spaceship

After choosing a ship you can now take a job, explore and battle other players. In the jobs tab you can see the required resources to qualify for a certain job. Some require more crystals or energy but the reward is bigger. Rewards are all in the form of Darkmater, which can be use to exchange for cryptocurrency of your choice.

Bitcoin Game Starcoins – Ship Upgrade

Upgrading you spaceship is necessary if you want to win in battles and on quests. There are different upgrades you can do. The armor, weapons strengths, mobility, shield power, pilot charisma and AI of the ship.

shipyard starcoins

The upgrade will cost becomes higher as the stats of the ship increases. If you don’t want to battle other players or do quest, you don’t need to upgrade you spaceship. If you want to earn more Darkmater ou will need to upgrade your ship so you can join quest. Quest are given by the admin of the site and the rewards are much higher the doing jobs.

Earning Different Resources

If you have your spaceship you can now increase your resources easily by doing jobs and fighting in battles. To produce more resources you need to go to Resources tab and enable the darkmater, crystal, metal and energy collector. Then collect them in the specified time of your choice.

starcoins resources

Withdraw Your Earnings

If you have decent amount of darkmater you can exchange it for cryptocurrency of you choice. You only need to go to Mechant then click the tab Export. You will see the exchange rate you can avail to get the crypto that you want.

merchant Bitcoin Game Starcoins

If you have a lot of crystal, energy or metal, you can exchange if for darkmater easily in the Resource Market. After exchanging your resources for Darkmater then you can proceed to Export tab and withdraw your earnings.


Payments to the players are given to their faucethub account. The duration of payment release is from 1 to 3 days. Just go to Merchant, then Export to withdraw and exchange your darkmater. Players can also refer others to get 25% earnings. Referral link can be found of the top part of the dashboard page.

Bitcoin Game Starcoins payments

Starcoins is a challenging game and it’s really fun to play. Players can earn decent amount of cryptocurrency while having fun. In just one day of playing, players will be able to withdraw their earnings. Just login to the game every hour to collect your production of resources. You don’t need to be login all the time to earn.

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