Virtualpub Online Bitcoin RPG Game

Bitcoin Game Virtualpub

Bitcoin game virtualpub is an online bitcoin role playing game (RPG) game. Members will act as a pub manager and try to make his business grow. There are a lot of upgrades to make this happen. Completing upgrades gives different bonus to players depending on the upgrade result. Some upgrades gives players additional drinks to sell and some upgrades are bonuses when completing certain task.

How To Play

Players will have 10,000 satoshi on his account to open a virtualpub. Bartender is also required to run the business. Every hour a player needs to solve the captcha in order to keep the bartender serving drinks to the customers. The same with drinks and alcohol. When the number of products are consume, players need to click the restock by clicking it and solving the captcha.

Upgrading To Earn More

Almost all the products, storage, bar and bartender can be upgraded in virtualpub. By upgrading then you will have more storage, less captcha, and more products to sell. The more upgrades the more customers and drinks to sell. Upgrade brings about more earning and faster.

Drinks To Sell

The 2 drinks below the image are results of an upgrade. To be able to upgrade members should have 3,000 credits and 200 Science Points. Credits are earn by selling drinks and clicking advertisements while Science Points can be earn by selling cigars.

bitcoin game virtualpub drinks

How Earn Credits and Science Points

Members can earn more credits by completing the Tasks. After completing the Tasks they will be given special bonus like credits, science points or lucky coins. There is also a faucet to get free satoshi every 24 hours without any captcha. Finally the PTC ads and Fast Cash Links give members 40 credit per website view.

bitcoin game virtualpub

Members can also hire referrals for a price in credits, play lotto and get tips from satisfied customers. They can also play roulette and gamble their credits like in the casino.

To research more upgrades check the science upgrade button. It cost 10,000 credits but the result is astonishing.

Virtualpub is a fun game if you are okay solving captcha. The best thing is you can earn while playing it. Invite you frineds using your referral links to earn more. Payment is through faucethub account and the threshold is 50,000 satoshi. Members should have a faucethub account link to their bitcoin wallet address, in order to get the payment.

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