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Bitcoin news and updates regarding the cryptocurrency bitcoin, bitcoin price, bitcoin mining, bitcoin trading and other cryptocurrencies. Learn what the latest thread regarding bitcoin. Companies that accept and banks that regard bitcoin as a real currency.

New Bitcoin Wallet

Introducing a new bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ripple and ethereum wallet. Members can use to transfer cryptocurrency easily and pay bills at the same time.

bitcoin news coins ph app is a free bitcoin wallet. Members can trade and withdraw their bitcoin easily. Buy Cellphone loads, game loads, pay electric bill, internet bill, water bill, etc. Members can use their cyptocurrency to pay their credit card. Members can also exchange and withdraw their bitcoin from 7-11 branches.

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  • Which Merchants Now Accept Payments in Digital Currencies?19 Apr 2021 16:47

    Get yourself up to date with a comprehensive guide to all the different brands and merchants that allow you to pay in cryptocurrencies and learn where to find the best Monero exchange. Business is booming for cryptocurrency around the world. This huge rise in popularity means that things are constantly changing and this can make […]

    Post source: Which Merchants Now Accept Payments in Digital Currencies?

  • Crypto Exchange Rates: Making Sense of Bull and Bear Markets16 Apr 2021 14:25

    Getting into cryptocurrency trading as a newcomer is a surprisingly educational experience. You learn how crypto exchange rates work, you discover various ways to boost your Bitcoin stash and you learn your way around a virtual wallet. You also gradually get to grips with a near-endless archive of financial terms and industry jargon, which incorporates […]

    Post source: Crypto Exchange Rates: Making Sense of Bull and Bear Markets

  • DEFIT Launches with a Big Hit16 Apr 2021 08:40

    DEFIT, the ERC20 token of 360Wellness, a Blockchain-based health and fitness application, was launched last week.  Within just a week of its launch, the 360Wellness community and DEFIT have crossed as many as 20,000 followers on all of the social media platforms showing the massive interest of people in a decentralized fitness solution.  360Wellness synergizes […]

    Post source: DEFIT Launches with a Big Hit

  • Here Come NFT + Games! WaykiChain and Chongqing Mebius Join Hands in a Strategic Partnership15 Apr 2021 08:02

    Recently, WaykiChain and Chongqing Mengbius Network Technology Co., Ltd. took the game Peerless King as a negotiation opportunity and reached strategic cooperation. WaykiChain has the industry’s top-of-the-range blockchain public-chain technology, while Mebius has rich experience in games in blockchain ecosystems. The partners will harness their respective advantages, learn from each other’s strengths, and jointly advance […]

    Post source: Here Come NFT + Games! WaykiChain and Chongqing Mebius Join Hands in a Strategic Partnership

  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Cryptocurrency Trading14 Apr 2021 14:49

    Even with knowledge, newcomers can make bad decisions under emotional pressure, and we can implement this rule to everything, especially when we’re talking about money, for example, start online betting or trading cryptocurrencies. In addition to the technical and fundamental analysis, the correct psychological attitude is essential. Emotional pressure can lead to ill-considered deals that […]

    Post source: 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Cryptocurrency Trading

  • XCUR The New Gateway to Payments14 Apr 2021 13:41

    With the ever-expanding innovations in technology, the world is evolving at a rapid pace, from conventional ways of operating to more advanced and sophisticated methods. It is only natural that such advanced technologies are gradually being integrated into the online marketplace industry, considering the prominence of this industry in modern society.  It is evident that […]

    Post source: XCUR The New Gateway to Payments

  • The Future of Crowdfunding14 Apr 2021 09:48

    From GoFundMe to IndieGogo and Kickstarter, crowdfunding is no stranger to the world of fundraising. The internet allows people with ideas and expertise to connect to potential investors who have a specialized passion or knowledge about a specific service or product. Much like Blockchain technology itself, the concept of crowdfunding does away with some of […]

    Post source: The Future of Crowdfunding

  • Global Entertainment; Tokenized, Distributed and Open12 Apr 2021 07:17

    Tokenization is the process of converting rights to an asset into a unique digital representation — a token. This process can be applied to nearly anything: art, real estate, stocks, precious metals, intellectual property, and even sports teams or celebrities. A brief history of tokenization Although the concept of tokenization (a term originally associated with […]

    Post source: Global Entertainment; Tokenized, Distributed and Open

  • How to spend bitcoin?10 Apr 2021 08:06

    In connection with the entry into the cryptocurrency market of several large investors and traders, the cost of bitcoin has increased significantly. This led to the fact that those users who previously preferred the classic currency became interested in virtual money. There are no problems with storing digital money. A multi-currency wallet such as is best […]

    Post source: How to spend bitcoin?

  • LOFT: the new approach to trading08 Apr 2021 15:32

    Privacy is not an option, and it shouldn’t be the price we accept for just getting on the Internet. Nowadays we are accustomed to the word globalization and we’re sort of aware it’s happening whether we like it or not. It has become very common to hear of stock market movements happening in some faraway […]

    Post source: LOFT: the new approach to trading

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