Bitcoin Offer Wall Script

Bitcoin Offer Wall Script – Download Now

Bitcoin offer wall is a website that rewards members bitcoin. Members doing simple task such as watching advertisements and completing paid surveys. For additional bitcoin earnings, members can claim from the bitcoin faucet to add the claims to their account balance. To create a such a website you will need a bitcoin offer wall script.

Working demo  Here

The amount of bitcoin can a member earn depends on the time and effort they spent in the site. just claiming from faucets can give members motivation to return to the site and visit again. The great part is when a member earn the site owner earn also. You would ask yourself how can the site owner earn while paying his members. Well the offers walls such as minutestaff, ptcwall, myadswall, etc. These sites offers publishers a chance to earn money or bitcoin by placing their offer wall in publishers website.

This script is release by flareco for free and it has 4 versions so far. The released versions are V1, V2, V3 and V4. He is the owner of a hosting website that offers free service with cpanel.

Bitcoin Offer Wall Script  Here

bitcoin offer wall script

If you want to have a website like one in the demo, then this script for you. It is totally free there are no bugs and it runs very fast. There are some additional services we want to see, like the bitcoin faucet extra security anti-bot links to be included. Maybe in the next version we can see a lot of this.

Free Cryptocurrency

The script can also be award different cryptocurrency depending on the site owner preference. If you want to pay with litecoin, dash, pot, blackcoin, ethereum, bitcoincash, peercoin, primecoin then it can easily be set in the configuration of the site. If you set it into a litecoin offer wall, the all the rewards will be litecoin. If you want to know how to create and manage a website then this is for you. You can earn while learning how to market and monetize your website.


Domain name – you can get it Here.
Hosting provider – you can get it Here.
Bitcoin offer wall script – you can get it Here

When you register in namecheap for domain name registration and hosting then you can start the installation. If you already have a domain name and a hosting provider you can skip some steps.

Step 1

You will need a hosting account and a domain name. If you don’t have both you first need to sign up for one. You can use the link above to register and get you own domain name for as low as $0.88 and hosting package for one year for $30.88 per year.

hosting package

When you use namecheap for your hosting you can also register your domain name using the same account. If you don’t want to register a domain name and want to use old domain names, you can buy different domain names from their market place. You can also sell your domain name by posting it to their market place.

Step 2

Make a database for your offerwall using your cpanel. Go to database wizard and then create a database. Don’t forget to record the database name database user and database password.


After creating your database go to Phpmyadmin from your cpanel in your hosting account and click the database you created in the left part of the screen.  Click import and click the sql file that is included in the script that you have downloaded. Scroll down and click ok to continue.

Step 3

On you hosting cpanel click File Manager. Click the folder public and the click upload in the upper part of the screen. Browse from your computer and choose the offerwall script that you have downloaded then click upload.

file manager

After uploading the necessary files all you need to do is open the config file and make the necessary changes such as your faucethub ID, faucethub API, cryptocurrency you want to reward members and the amount of reward you’re willing to give.

Step 4

Open your site by typing the URL from your website browser. You should now be able to log in using you wallet. This script also have a cryptocurrency faucet. You have the option to enable of disable this feature.


As for the offerwalls such as ptcwall, wannaads, kiwiwall, myadswall, etc. You will need to register for a publisher account to enable their advertisement to your site. You also need to configure the postback file so when members click on your advertisement part of your earnings will reflect on your publishers account.

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