Bitcoin Price Reach $8,000

Bitcoin Price New Record

Just last month October 2017 bitcoin reach $7,000 dollars. After a couple of weeks it increase by staggering $ 8,000 dollars per bitcoin making it the bitcoin price new record. How high can it go? Does the balloon pop? or there are no balloons, just the imagination of people who want bitcoin to fail?

The Bitcoin Price passed the $8,000 threshold just a few days ago and it reaches all time high of $8,138.33.
The growth rate of its price is phenomenal considering that its price was below $6,000 last month. It has already grown more than 5% ($8,138.33) just 2 days after it reached the $8,000 mark.

There are many theories concerning the massive increase in the price of Bitcoins but the reason might be mainly because bitcoins or digital currencies have piqued the interest of investors and have begun capitalizing on it.

bitcoin price new record

If we look carefully at bitcoin price chart, it has risen more than 700% this year. Yet again it risen 25% this month thus increasing its value by $8,000.

The bitcoin community especially those who invest in bitcoin are happy. Who would not be happy if your $100 investment suddenly increase and becomes $125 in a matter of days. Guess who are the people who are sad because of the current bitcoin price?

What do you think the price of bitcoin in the next month? Will it reach $ 9,000 per bitcoin?

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