Bitcoin Price Reach $10,000

Bitcoin Price Reach 10000

It’s not Christmas yet but it seems Santa Clause already gave gifts to bitcoin investors and bitcoin holders. Bitcoin is unstoppable this month of November. It reach height no one could predict. Now bitcoin price reach 10000 and still going up non stop.

Bitcoin has repeatedly broken through $1,000 milestones throughout the year of 2017. It also hit the $10,000 mark this Tuesday. Starting from 6 cents from its advent Bitcoin has reached $1,000 early this 2017 and is now worth $10,943 as of November 29, 2017 4:44 AM (PT). Due to its users continuous support, Bitcoin has continued to topple all negative expectations against it.

Even bitcoin miners are happy because now they can see profit even when mining is much harder now. The price of bitcoin would still rise, because a lot of investors are buying bitcoin and holding on to it. One factor that affects bitcoin climb, is that many companies now accepts bitcoin as a man of payment option for goods and services.

bitcoin price reach 10000 image chart

Renowned trader Masterluc also predicts that bitcoin will reach $15,000 til the end of the year, he also stated that if bitcoin continues its current bull run it could reach a price anywhere between $40,000 to $110,000 til 2019.

bitcoin price reach 10000

While other keep saying that bitcoin is a scam and it will eventually be worthless. I think we should not bother listening to these people with hidden agendas. We should read and learn what really bitcoin is about and decide for ourselves. After ten years and bitcoin price goes up even more, you will repent why you even listen to dinosaurs.

November is over two days from now. What changes can we expect in bitcoin price this coming December. Will still goes up or will the bubble pop? If Satoshi Nakamoto would dump his bitcoins, then that’s the only way the price will go down.

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