Bitcoin Price Reach $19,000 Per Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price Reach 19000 USD

Bitcoin price reach 19000 USD – As of Saturday 19:22 UTC bitcoin hit the $19,000 per bitcoin. Another record breaking high and it still going. In one day bitcoin value rose up $2,000 per bitcoin. The price climb began earlier today, Saturday December 16, 2017 04:00 UTC according to coindesk chart.

The bitcoin price surge maybe due to the opening of two trading site in New York. Where the the people of wall street will start trading bitcoins. Much more the US government gave these two sites to operate on US soil is enough to boast the interest of more people in bitcoin.

Philippines – More and more Filipino’s are now aware that there is new currency that come from the internet. Bitcoin began on 2009 and yet many people don’t know anything about it. Here in the Philippines, bitcoin was introduce by ABS CBN news, two weeks ago. Many people google bitcoin hoping to get information about it. Many Pilipino’s also believe that it is a scam of some sort.

In spite of getting a lot of popularity there are many people who doesn’t believe in bitcoin. I interviewed some people and after explaining to them what is bitcoin, I asked them what do they think about it. Some replied that gold is better that bitcoin and it will never be as popular as gold. Some replied that it is a pyramid scam and would be the down fall of bitcoin owners. Only one from the group ask me to explain what bitcoin further. After an hour of explanation these are the replies that I got. So clearly that people here in the Philippines needs more solid information about bitcoin.

Bitcoin Price Reach 19000 USD

Other Cryptocurreny Price

Today December 17, 2017 the price of other cryptocurrencies also following the step of bitcoin, they also multiply their value. Litecoin’s current price $296.27, Monero’s current price $321.91 and Ethereum’ current price $687.62 almost double their price in just one month.

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