Bitcoin Price Reach $9,000

Bitcoin Price Reach 9000

Yesterday (November 26,2017), bitcoin price reach 9000 mark and its price rose nearly $9,500 per bitcoin. The price of bitcoin steady rises because of many investors are investing in bitcoin. Even individuals who just learn about bitcoin is buying as form of investment hoping it would reach higher price by the end of the year. A lot of people in my community started to buy and trade bitcoin just learning about it last week.

On the first day of 2017 bitcoin reached prices as high as $1,000 and continued to break thousand dollar marks such as $3,000 earlier this year on June, $5,000 in September, $6,000 this October, $7,000 Earlier this November and today it reached prices as high as $9,760.

Earlier this month Mike Novogratz, a billionare and ex-hedge fund manager stated that “I think we’ll hit a new high soon … we’ll end the year at $10,000 in bitcoin.”

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