Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin wallet is used to store your bitcoins. There are different kinds of wallets that you can use to store your coins. There are online and offline wallets as well. It’s up to you what kind of wallet you want to use. In an offline wallet you need to download a wallet software on your computer, extract it on which directory and folder that you want and set your password. When you open your wallet for the first time it will update but you can already get your bitcoin wallet address in the Receive Coin Tab.

Offline Bitcoin Wallets

Offline wallets are safe, you have complete control of your coins becuase you hold all the keys necessary to access your wallet. Before you setup your offline wallet be sure that you computer is safe for malwares and viruses and be sure to back up your wallet and saving your backup in a USB, so even if your computer’s hard drive broke you wont have any trouble restoring your wallet.

Online Bitcoin Wallets

Online wallets are safe also. You need to register in a website that offers a cryptocurrency faucet with your email address, a password and phone number. There are different online wallet and they offer different service.

For example: CRYPTO PAY is an online wallet that offers members to acquire their card. In which members can use to withdraw their bitcoin in an ATM machine already converted into USD. Conversion depends which country are you in. If you withdraw money from and ATM in Europe the your bitcoin will be converted in Euro. In some online wallet they provide built -in exchange, so you can exchange bitcoin with other altcoins and vice versa.

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Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallet are bitcoin wallet that you hold and carry. It is usually small and light like the size of a USB drive. You need to connect it the USD port of your laptop or computer. It has the ability to connect to the blockchain and receive and send bitcoin. It needs to be connected to the internet to process transactions.

hardware bitcoin wallet

Hardware bitcoin wallet is very safe to store your bitcoin because your the only one who holds the keys of your wallet. If you want the safest bitcoin storage and you want to invest in bitcoin, then hardware bitcoin wallet is for you.

Ledger Nano use a smartcard to protect the stored bitcoin. Its micro-processor protects the wallet in all types of both physical and logical attacks. The device connects to your computer through the USB port and will do all the process inside its secure environment. So even if you use it in a compromise computer you can be sure that your transaction is safe.

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