Earn Bitcoin Through Faucethub

Earn Bitcoin Faucethub

Faucethub is the large micro wallet use for storing altcoins. Earn bitcoin faucethub is very easy and fast. Members that post messages on chat get free altcoins every time another member wish to share his coins. Members can also earn different coins such as bitcoin, bitcoincash, bitcoincore, litecoin, dogecoin, dash, peercoin, primecoin, blackcoin and ethereum.

Faucethub also use by faucet owners to act as 3rd party payment system for their members. They also have different faucet lists for different coins. Members can use these lists to claim what coins that they collect. Getting free coins doesn’t get better than this. It’s fun, easy and the fastest way to collect free coins.

Members can also earn through mining monero by clicking the mining tab and use their computer processor for mining. Faucethub converts the monero to bitcoin and add it to the members account. Recently they also add bitcoin core to their micro wallet. Now member can store bitcoin core and make a bitcoin core faucet.

When members collect coins they are stored in the members account. If the minimum threshold is reach he can withdraw his earning. In order to get paid members need to link their wallet address into faucethub. So faucethub would know which account to pay when a member claims on faucets or complete a task.

earn bitcoin faucethub supported altcoins and cryptocurrency

How To Start Earning?

There are some requirements before a member can register and earn. These requirements are free and can easily be acquire.

  • Valid Email Address – you can get it Here
  • Wallet Addresses – you can get it Here

If your only collecting bitcoin, then you should get the coinbase wallet, but if you plan to collect different altcoins, you should get cryptonator. Cryptonator is a multi wallet provider that has been online since 2013 and trusted by thousands of members.

1. Register an account in faucethub then validate your registration using the email address you use to register.

2. Link all your wallet addresses in your account in cryptonator to your account in faucethub. Linking wallet addresses is very easy. Just go to user dashboard then look for wallet addresses.

earn bitcoin faucethub link wallet addresses

Put the wallet address of the coin that you want and select the currency for that coin address. After linking all your wallet addresses you can now begin to start earning free bitcoin and other altcoins as well.

Start Earning

Members can earn by using the chat box by messaging other members. Just a simple hello and good morning will earn you some coins. The coins that is given to members are donation of other members through the use of “/tip name of coin quantity” command and distributed by a rainbot. The coins quantity and what type of coins depends on the member giving it.

The chatbox have rules and failure to follow these rules will result in chat ban for a certain time period. The rules are simple and quite easy to follow. No begging for coins or rain, no porn, hacks, illegal software links, no abusive words, avoid using all caps, no referral links when posting.

Collect From Faucets

To earn different coins click the Top Faucets located in the dashboard. Members can access the list of faucets and collect coins easily. The faucets are in groups so users wont get confuse on what coins their collecting.

earn bitcoin faucethub faucet list

Collecting coins on faucets is very easy a member only needs to enter his wallet address, solve the captcha and the cheat links to claim the reward. There are time intervals on how many time a visitors can claim for a period of time. This depends on the faucet owner’s preference.

Completing Tasks and Surveys

Earn bitcoin faucethub by completing task and surveys. Members only need chose an offer, survey or task from the list then finish it to get the coin rewards. The amount of bitcoin prize vary depending on the task difficulty,

earn bitcoin faucethub earn bitcoin completing task and surveys

Make A Faucet To Earn More

The best thing about faucethub is that you can make a faucet and use your current account’s coins to give to the visitors of your faucet. Cryptocurrency faucets give away free coins but it becomes double because advertising networks pays faucet owners for displaying their advertisements in the faucet.

Trading Coins

Members can trade their coins in faucethub. Bitcoin to other altcoins and vice versa. There is small fee of 5% per trade, but it is better than trading on other trading platform with much higher fee. This helps faucet owners fund their faucet easily. If their dogecoin faucet is running low on funds they can simply trade some coins to doge to fill it up.

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