What is Ethereum?


Ethereum (ETH) is a cryptocurrency like bitcoin but have different blockchain. It was introduce with the goal of building decentralize applications. Vitalik Buterin made ethereum a programmer involved in bitcoin magazine.

As it has no physical imprint and it has its own currency, which is ether which makes ethereum run. ETH is also different from in a sense that ETH has certain figures that you can consult regarding the said cryptocurrency. As oppose to bitcoin which was created by “Satoshi Nakamoto” which we don’t know the identity.

Ethereum Wallet

ETH also have different wallet than bitcoin. You can now store your ethereum on your bitcoin wallet. In order to store your ETH you will need an ethereum wallet. You can choose to sign up for a cloud wallet or download the ethereum wallet on github, which is free to donwload and use.


ETH is base on smart contracts, which are digital codes that are use to execute or do tasks that you assign them to do and are base on the ether currency. It’s also use to track and program the transactions. Such as your ether having the ability to do a set of certain actions. Making your ether grow by itself, investing and etc., they also allow you to not just exchange ether. It can be stocks, money and etc. Ethereum’s programming language is called solidity which is base on Javascript.

ETH is where you can create decentralize applications which reduces costs, removes points of failure. It prevents censorship and provides transparency and trust. It is a platform which provides peer to peer messaging, is a generalize block chain and allows you to program any kind of decentralize application that you want to create.

ETH can be use to create financial applications which are trustworthy and transparent due to them being on the blockchain, Social networking sites and messaging systems which allow users to control their own data such as profile and account information. ETH also requires you to have some ether in order to use as Gas to create programs.

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