How To Add Faucet In Faucethub

How To Add Faucet In Faucethub

Simple step by step instructions on how to add faucet in faucethub. By adding your faucet in faucethub your cryptocurrency faucet will pay members of your faucet through their faucethub account.

Faucethub is a website that have many features to earn different cryptocurrency. It supports different altcoins such as bitcoin, bitcoincash, bitcore, ethereum, litecoin dogecoin, dash, peercoin, primecoin and blackcoin. All these coins can be earn by members doing simple task or taking surveys or by simple joining the chat. Members can access the faucet lists for free but they have the option to upgrade their account to see other premium faucets.

Bitcoin games are also available in faucethub. Playing these games will earn you free bitcoin satoshi as a reward. Members can also play lotto and dice game and the name of the winners are posted in the chat box.

If you want to be a faucet owner you need some funds to reward your visitors with. So before you make a faucet collect coins in faucethub’s faucet list. The more you collect the better. Try the survey section and also the task, the rewards doing task and surveys are high.

How To Earn Bitcoin and Other Altcoins

1. Collect coins using their faucet list. There are a lot of faucets you can collect from and they are all paying. If you don’t have coins you have to collect to fund your faucet.

2. Take surveys and complete simple task to get higher rewards of satoshi. Same in collecting in faucets you need this to do this to fund your faucet.

3. Create a bitcoin faucet and apply to be a publisher to advertising network to earn bitcoin even when you sleep.

how to add faucet in faucethub

How To Add Your Faucet In Faucethub

If you already have a faucet and you need to get an API in faucethub to add to your config/admin panel, here are the simple steps to do it.

how to add faucet in faucethub sign up

1. Register an account in faucethub by clicking the image above. After registration validate your account and log-in.

how to add faucet in faucethub sign up

2. In the user dashboard click faucet manager.

how to add faucet in faucethub add your faucet faucet manager

A new window will open, you need to click the tab your faucets at the left part of the screen. Then scroll down and click the create a new faucet button.

how to add faucet in faucethub faucet details

3. Add the information of your faucet. The name that you want and the domain name of your faucet. Then click the add faucet button.

how to add faucet in faucethub API key

4. To see your faucet’s API click the API button. You will need the API key in order for your faucet to function. Usually it is entered in admin panel of config.php file.

how to add faucet in faucethub faucet optional info

5. Finally scroll down to enter some additional information about your faucet. This is optional but if you want to fill in the information the better. Then click update and you’re done.

Note: Don’t forget to get your API key into your faucet manager and put it in your faucet’s admin panel or config.php. To establish a link between your faucet and your faucethub account.

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