Cryptocurrency Faucets

Autofaucet0 MinutesEC - FP
Autoclaim0 MinutesEC - FP
FaucetCrypto0 MinutesEC - FP
Bitfoundation5 MinutesEC
Allcoins5 MinutesDirect To Wallet
Cointiply5 MinutesDirect To Wallet
Freebitcoin Win5 MinuteEC - FP
Satoshilabs5 MinutesDirect To Wallet
Worldofbitcoin5 MinutesFP
Getyourbitcoin5 MinutesFP
Freebitco.in60 MinutesDirect To Wallet
Dogemate1440 MinutesEC - FP

Cryptocurrency Faucets

Cryptocurrency Faucets are website that give away free bitcoin satoshi to visitors in exchange for traffic. Faucet owners gives visitors rewards by entering their wallet address, solving the captcha and clicking the claim button. Here are a list of the top 10 bitcoin faucets online.

There are a lot of bitcoin faucets that also gives free bitcoin satoshi. But some of them have coinminer software that is install itself in your browser when you access the faucet. js.coinminer is a malware that allows the faucet site owner earn from the infected computer by using their CPU as a source of mining. That’s why faucet cliamers should have a anti virus running in their computer before claiming bitcoin using faucets.

In our top 10 bitcoin faucets list there are no js.miner malware and the bitcoin faucets are paying on time. Using these bitcoin faucets will give enable you to get free bitcoin. You don’t need to spend a single dime to get some bitcoins. All you need to do is claim as often as you can and get direct referrals.

Top 10 Bitcoin Faucets


Moonbitcoin is a bitcoin faucet that gives rewards to members by entering their coinpot email address or bitcoin wallet address and by solving the captcha. The bitcoin satoshi reward increment to a certain level. The longer a member get a reward the higher the reward to claim.

moonbitcoin cryptocurrency faucets

Moonbitcoin also offers members to earn more by claiming everyday and staying active. Members also will receive 25% referral earning to all the member that will sign up using their referral link.

Freebitcoin Win is a multi cryptocurrency faucets that gives away different cryptocurrencies. You also need to register to be able to collect different altcoins from their different faucets.

top 10 bitcoin cryptocurrency faucets multi faucet

Withdrawal is manual, as soon as you have some amounts of coins you can withdraw. Payments are sent in the members faucethub account. Members can claim every 5 minutes.


Bitfun is a bitcoin faucet the increments the bitcoin satoshi price. Visitors need to register to claim. To earn more bitcoin members can play games to get extra rewards.

Freebitcoin is a bitcoin faucet that rewards members every 60 minutes. Rewards depends on the number the member’s claims. The higher the number the higher the amount of bitcoin satoshi is given. The price range is 10 to 5,000,000 satoshi every hour. But prices are subject to change depending on the price of bitcoin.

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