Coinsky Bitcoin Faucet

Free Bitcoin Coinsky

Free Bitcoin Coinsky – a website that have multiple cryptocurrency faucets. Bitcoin, Bitcoincash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Peercoin, Primecoin and blackcoin faucets in one place. Visitors can collect free altcoins every 5 minutes. Payments are instant through faucethub.

Earning free coins using these faucets is very easy. Visitors only need to access the faucet list, enter their wallet addresses and solve the captcha. The payments goes directly to their faucethub account.

How To Collect Coins

Visitors need a wallet address for each coin you want to collect. Each wallet address should be link with their faucethub account to get payment. After each faucet claim, it payment will reflect in their faucethub altcoin balance instantly.

free bitcoin coinsky

How To Collect More

The best thing about coinsky is that you wont need to go to other sites to collect coins from other faucets because they have the list of the best faucets in every coin. They have pages you can access to see the top 10 faucets and you can easily collect coins from those faucets just by clicking the links.

coinsky faucet list

How To Earn

In order to earn money from faucets you first need some coin funds. To achieve this you need to collect from faucets. When you have enough funds you need to make your own faucets. When you have your own faucet, you can earn by giving the coins that you collect in exchange for Bitcoin Ad Networks payments.

coinsky free bitcoin coinsky make your own bitcoin faucet

Ad Networks will pay you bitcoin in exchange for traffic. You only need to place their advertisement in your faucet and they will pay you. The more traffic your faucet generate the higher the payment you will receive. Some Ad Networks have some requirements before they accept you as a publisher. Alexa rank is use to deteremine how much traffic you faucet generates. Some Ad Networks accepts publishers even if their site’s rank is low and some Ad Networks need a high ranking domain name before accepting registration.

free bitcoin coinsky bitcoin ad network

The only way to make money in faucets is by making your own. Collecting from faucets is just start so you don’t need to buy coins with money and get it for free. When your faucet is low on coins, just collect again from faucets.

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