How To Create A WordPress Website

How To Create A WordPress Website

Simple, step by step tutorials on how to create a wordpress website. Making a website is never been easy with wordpress. You only need a computer or laptop and an internet connection to make your own website. It is a open source and written in PHP. It the easiest and very powerful website content management system and blogging website. You can make stunning websites even without knowing how to code. If you want to change themes or add additional functions to your site it’s very easy. just a couple of click and your done.

WordPress is only intimidating at first but anyone who can read, can install and make a wordpress website. It will only take you minutes to setup a working blogging site or a news magazine site. You can customize every little detail of your website page to suit your needs.

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If your want to change the look of your site there are a lot of free themes to choose from. If you want you can change the look every week and you don’t to went through a hard time doing it. Just pick a theme and activate and see how your site looks like in your browser. If it doesn’t satisfy your taste you can then again choose another theme, install and activate.


There are a lot of plugins to choose from and add function to your site. Plugins serve as components of a wordpress website and because of these components every single wordpress site is unique. If you want a forum added to your site all you need to do is search for a forum plugin, install and activate and your site will have this feature.

If your new in making a website and this will be your first site to make. It doesn’t matter if your making a blog, magazine, eCommerce or real estate website. In wordpress you can make them all with ease.

How To Create A WordPress Website

There are requirements needed to make a website and install wordpress. You can get these requirement by registering to sites to get your domain name and paying for hosting.

Domain name will be the address of your website. It is the address you type to your web browser to go to a certain site and open it. For example: if you want to go and open google you have to open your browser and type the words is the domain name of google. In namecheap domain name registration will only cost you $0.48 for the first year. They have a discount now that’s why the price is very cheap.

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Hosting service will host your domain name and it will be responsible so other can see your site online. Without a host for your domain name you can’t do anything with it. You can not install wordpress if you don’t have a hosting site. X10premiumhosting is the cheapest hosting online. You can host 21 html websites or 4 wordpress websites for only $6.95 per month. They are reliable and support is very fast.

You can get it Here

Now that you have your hosting and domain name let start with the installation.

Get A Domain Name

1. Log in in both of your account in namecheap and x10premiumhosting.

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website domain name registration

2. Go to namecheap account to register a new domain name. Click the domain name search then type the name that you want so the site will give you suggestion if the name you type is already taken. After clicking the search button a result will appear with your search query. Pick the domain name that you want and click the cart button on the left and pay for it.

how to create a wordpress website

how to create a wordpress website how to change custom dns

3. Change the DNS server of your domain so it will be redirected to your x10premiunhosting DNS. This way you can add you domain using the Addon Domain selection in your cpanel. To do this go to your namecheap account and click the Manage button beside your registered domain name. Scroll down and in the name servers section change it to costume DNS and enter to the top and below.

Adding The Domain Into X10Hosting

how to create a wordpress website domain addon x10hosting

1. Go to your cpanel and look and click Addon Domain. Enter the domain name that you register in namecheap so you can use it in your hosting. The are 3 textbox but you only need to fill the first one. Once you enter your domain name the other two textbox will be filled automatically by x10hosting. Just click Add Domain button to finish.

How To Create A WordPress Website

Now that we have the requirements needed, we can now start installing wordpress into your domain name. There are a lot of themes to choose from so it’s up to you what theme your going to use.

how to create a wordpress website install softaculous

how to make a website how to install wordpress

How To Create A WordPress Website

1. Go to your cpanel and scroll down on the page and look for Softaculous Apps Installer. A new page will open and you can see the wordpress button on the page. Click Install now button to install wordpress to your site. A new page will open. Enter the necessary information needed to finish the installation.

  • Protocol = there are options but since your installing wordpress you need to choose https.
  • Choose Domain = your domain name should be there if you correct add it on your host.
  • In directory = delete wp so your site wont be installed in a directory. It should be blank so your site would open when you type your domain name address. If you don’t delete wp then your site will open in this address. https://yourdomain/wp
  • Site Name = brand of your site
  • Site Description = description of your site.
  • Admin Username and Password = don’t register admin as your username, try to use other name so it will be hard for hackers to guess the username and password of your site.
  • Choose Language = Up to you
  • Choose Theme = Up to you


How to create a wordpress website? Click install to finish the installation. It would take you just a couple of minutes to finish. When your done wordpress will inform you that your task is done. To check wheather your successful or not open your web browser and type the domain name you register in name cheap. It should now open and now ready for further editing. Go to your admin account via https://yousite/wp-admin.php. Log in to your admin panel and explore wordpress. It is very simple all the changes your gonna make will reflect on your site. When you make changes you only need to refresh the browser and alteration will immediately show.

Congratulation you now have a wordpress website.

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