How To Earn Cryptocurrencies

How To Earn Cryptocurrencies

How to earn cryptocurrencies using cryptocurrency faucets is very simple and easy process. It will only take you a minute to earn free cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency faucets give away free coins to visitors and guest by entering their wallet address, solving the captcha and clicking the claim button. The price per claim differs depending on the luck of the claimer. Usually crypto faucets have 2-3 different price rate. Usually 85% then low price, 10% lower chance but higher price, 5% lowest chance but highest price.

Faucet Lists

There are many crypto faucets that are online and giving away free coins today. Some webmasters compile and put all the most stable and paying faucets in one place so visitors can claim using only one page. These websites are faucet list or faucet rotator. Here’s a working demo of a faucet rotator and how to make one.

Benefits From Giving Away Free Cryptos?

Cryptocurrency faucet owners give away free coins to earn more. The more the give away the more they earn. You might as yourself how is that? Faucet owners apply for a publishers account from bitcoin advertising networks and show advertisements of others in their faucet.

Requirements To Earn

  • Register a wallet address – Get it Here
  • Register a faucethub account – get it Here
  • Important: Wallet address should be link in your faucethub account.

Wallet Address

1. Register for a wallet address so you can have a storage for your coins. There are wallet that have multiple cryptocurrency signature. You only need to register to a site that offers multiple wallet for multiple cryptos.

wallet address

After you register for a wallet got to “My Account” then click the wallet that you want. Click the down arrow next to the crypto and click generate. A series of numbers and letter will appear. That will be your wallet address for the crypto you choose.

Linking of Wallet Address

You will need a faucethub account to get paid. Faucethub acts as a micro wallet. All your earnings in collecting free coins in faucets will be sent to faucethub so you wont pay much on the transfer.

2. After you have your wallets, log in to your faucethub account and go to wallet address. Just enter your wallet address on the space and link to the correct type of wallet.

wallet link how to earn cryptocurrencies

Claiming Free Crypto

3.Claiming coins in faucets is very easy. Just enter your wallet address, solve the captcha and click the claim button.

free crypto how to earn cryptocurrencies for free

All the coins that you collect in faucets will be place in your faucethub account dashboard. When it reach a certain amount, you can withdraw it to your cryptocurrency wallet. You can also exchange your coin for other coins in faucethub.

how to earn cryptocurrencies tutorial

Faucethub charge 5% fee on trades in any coins currency available in the exchange. You can also earn coins just by participating in the chat. Members and mods gives away free cryptos to everyone and they call it rain. Members can ask other members for crypto exchange as well. To earn more crypto you can learn to make your own faucet and earn from advertisers and make faucethub your micro wallet.

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