Price of Bitcoin

Price of Bitcoin

Price of bitcoin depends on the market. The more people who would want to buy bitcoin the higher the price would be. Investors that invest in bitcoin also take part on how bitcoin price rise and fall. If the investors hold on to their bitcoins and would not sell then the price would rise. If investors sell their bitcoins and dumps it at the same time, the price of bitcoin will definitely fall.

China announce 2 weeks ago September 14, 2017 that all cryptocurrency trading will be ban in China and all trading sites that manage and maintain by Chinese will be close by the end of September. This decision makes a large impact on bitcoin value because since the announcement bitcoin fall by $1,000. From a high price of $5,000 after 2 weeks it is now $3,700 per bitcoin.

Here is the price of bitcoin today and for the past 7 days. You can check here every time you want to know the price of bitcoin and the changes that takes place 7 days prior. The information provided here is real time and every time the price changes in trading sites such as bitfines, bitstamp, or poloniex it will reflect here and change the bitcoin price accordingly.

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Bitcoin mining is also a factor in determining bitcoin price. The harder the equation the longer for miner to mine bitcoin and cost more resources like electricity and maintaining hardware for mining. So when years past and mining becomes very hard there’s no choice but to raise the bitcoin price so there miners left to do the bitcoin mining. Miners get paid when they solve the equation for a certain block, but that is not all miners do. Bitcoin miners are the ones that ensure that there are no double spending on bitcoin. Bitcoin price would still rise and will never stop rising because it is the future of money and the people choice when it comes to currency.

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