WordPress Bitcoin Faucet

WordPress Bitcoin Faucet Step by Step Tutorial

WordPress bitcoin faucet is the best bitcoin faucet a faucet owner could have. Everybody who manage a cryptocurrency faucet don’t want bots collecting on their faucet. This is the best solution to avoid bots, get real visitor and earn more from advertising networks. You can also make a litecoin, dogecoin dash, peercoin and primecoin faucet with wordpress

There are some requirements you need to make a wordpress bitcoin faucet. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a wordpress website and setup the plugin for a bitcoin faucet. Also included in this tutorial is how apply for an advertising network site and how to monetize your faucet’s traffic.

Click the image below to view a working demo!

faucet logo

In order for you to manage and own a wordpress bitcoin faucet you should have an account for the sites below. Making a faucet is not free. You will need a domain name (will cost $0.66 for 1 year registration) and a hosting provider (will cost $6.95 per month).

Why do you need a domain name and not get a free sub-domain? Most advertising networks don’t approved sub-domain faucets. It is easier to get sponsors when you have a registered domain name. For $0.66 a year, a name of your choice and a free whois guard, it’s worth it.


  • Email Account – get it here
  • Faucethub Account – get it here
  • Hosting Provider – get it here
  • Domain Name – get it here

Step 1 – Register A New Domain Name

1. Log in to Namecheap to register your new domain name. This is very simple and can be easily be achieved by following the steps provided below. Domain name registration only cost $0.66 per year. The cheapest domain registration site ever.

namecheap login wallpaper

2. Click Domain then Domain Search and enter your desired name for your website.

namecheap domain search

After you clicked the search button a new page will open that contains all the available domain name for your search query. It’s up to you want name you want to register, the bitcoin faucet that I used is a example only.

wordpress bitcoin faucet name discount namecheap

Click Discounted and you will see the list of domains that only cost $0.66 one year registration. Pick one and click the cart button so you pay and own the domain name.

wordpress bitcoin faucet name discount cart

Click view cart then click continue and pick which payment method your prefer. You can pay using your credit card or by using paypal. Registration is almost instant, as soon as you click pay, your domain name will be available for you to use or transfer as you desired.

Step 2 – Transferring Your Domain Name To X10

1. Log in to your hosting provider – x10hosting and click cpanel.

x10hosting is one of the oldest web hosting and the most reliable. Their lowest plan of $6.95 you can host up to 15 websites simultaneously. Other hosting is cheap because you can only host one site on their lowest plan. But I would prefer x10hosting because it is fast and almost no downtime. If you want to host more faucet, or you want to make other websites, you can do so to your current plan.

wordpress bitcoin faucet x10hosting login page

wordpress bitcoin faucet x10hosting cpanel

Look for Addon domain, so you can add and use the domain name you registered in namecheap in your x10 hosting account.

wordpress bitcoin faucet addon domain x10hosting image

After clicking the Addon Domain a page will open and just enter the necessary information required to finish the adding of domain name to your x10 account.

wordpress bitcoin faucet addon domain to x10hosting

Last step to finish the addon domain so you can host the domain name you registered in namecheap. Login to your name cheap account and go to Dashboard. Click Manage, this will open a new page and change the Name Servers to point your domain name to your x10hosting. You need to you used an x10hosting Name Servers. Chose Custom DNS and enter ns1.x10premium.com and ns2.x10premium.com then click add name servers. Now you can use your domain name in namecheap to your x10hosting account.

wordpress bitcoin faucet name cheap domain image wallpaper

To check if your are successful in adding additional domain in your x10hosting. Go to your cpanel and click File Manager. You will see that the domain name that you just add will be on the list.

Step 3 – Installing WordPress

1. Login your x10hosting premium account and go to cpanel. In your cpanel you have to look for softaculous app installer. A new page will open an you can clearly see the wordpress logo. Click the logo and the install now button to start installing wordpress in your site.

2. Fill in the necessary information to the tabs. All the information are self explanatory, like the domain name you want to use, username, password and you can choose what template to use. For now pick the twenty fifteen theme. You can always change the template of your wordpress site so to avoid losing time choosing a template, just chose the default one. After entering the information on the tabs you need to click the install button in the bottom of the page to begin the installation.

3. After installing wordpress go check if it successfully installed by entering your domain name on a browser. You can now see that your have a wordpress website.

wordpress bitcoin faucet softaculous app installer

wordpress bitcoin faucet install wordpress

Step 4 – WordPress Bitcoin Faucet

1. Go to your dashboard and click plugins then add new button on the top of the page. Use the search and enter the keyword bitcoin faucet and you will see the plugin your going to use to have a wordpress bitcoin faucet.

wordpress bitcoin faucet bitcoin faucet plugin

2. In the plugin page click the bitcoin faucet setting and the faucet admin page will open. First you need a page for your bitcoin faucet. Click the create bitcoin page to create one.

wordpress bitcoin faucet admin panel

Now you should have a bitcoin faucet when you open your site. All you have to do is complete the necessary information to complete your bitcoin faucet.

a. General Tab – You will need an account in faucethub and have bitcoin on your account to be able to pay members or visitors. Your can get your faucethub API through you account in faucethub. Name of your faucet, interval of claims, currency and the amount of rewards.

b. Captcha Tab – just get a captcha key and enter it on your site.

c. Appearance – you can design your faucet. Try different colors and fonts.

d. Templates – You can chose already made design.

e. Security – Anti-proxy and anti-bot protection.

wordpress bitcoin faucet running bitcoin faucet image picture

After completing the necessary data on your faucet. You are done and you can add your advertisements on your faucet. Don’t forget to add and apply for advertising network ads to earn from your faucet.

Note: To show your WordPress Bitcoin Faucet in the left side menu. You have to create a bitcoin faucet menu first. Go to appearance then menu then create menu and click on your faucet page. Then place your menu on the right side by going to appearance then customize then menu location and pick the bitcoin faucet menu on the drop down list.

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