WordPress Faucet List

WordPress Faucet List

WordPress Faucet List is a webpage create from webpress. Simple and clean design you can create for yourself. Earn from visitors that click and use your referral links to claim from faucets. Unlimited list of faucets you can add and unlimited design.

The design of your faucet list can be change everyday by simply downloading and activating the theme that you want. Anything in page can be change and customize depending on you. No coding required to make the faucet list. You can make multiple faucet list for bitcoin, bitcoincash, bitcore, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, dash, peercoin, primecoin and blackcoin.

Installing WordPress Faucet List

1. You need a domain name for your faucet and you can get it at namecheap. For only $0.48 you can have a domain name for one year. After a year you have to re-new your domain name.

2. You will need a hosting website for your domain name. You can apply in x10hosting or namecheap or hostgator. If you want to avail 60% discount, you can have it in hostgator. We just applied to be an affiliate and luckily we pass. So if you choose hostgator and use our link here to go to their site the price is 60% cheaper. If you don’t use our link to buy hosting you wont get the 60% off.

3. Install WordPress – click the link to open the tutorial page.

After you installed wordpress create pages for your faucet list. Name them bitcoin-faucet-list, bitcoin-cash-faucet-list, bitcore-faucet-list, litecoin-faucet list, dogecoin-faucet-list, dash-faucet-list, peercoin-faucet-list, primecoin-faucet-list, blackcoin-faucet-list and blackcoin-faucet-list.

tablepress install

4. Go to plugins and search for tablepress. Install it then click activate.

tablepress install add new table

5. Click tablepress at the admin panel and click add a new table. Put the how many rows and columns you want. Don’t worry adding and deleting rows and columns are easy. For me I add 11 rows and 5 columns.

Put the name of the table heading. A-1 = Faucet, A-2 = Time, A-3 = Payment, A-4 = Threshold, A-5 =Claim. If you want image instead of words the you have to click the insert image button below the table and then upload the image. The size should be 50px x 50 px.

wordpress faucet list table manipulation commands

Enter the necessary information. Put your favorite faucet and don’t forget to put your referral links in the claim section.

Putting a referral link is simple just type in Claim in E – 2 and below the table you need to click the insert link button. It is the same in image, if you want an image for your claim section insert an image and then click insert link.

wordpress faucet list tablepress shortcode

6. When you’re done will all the table cell click save and name it bitcoin faucet list. The final step is to get the shortcode located above the table. Copy it and paste in your bitcoin-faucet-list page.

7. Click save and open your wordpress bitcoin faucet list. You can now see your list on your page. On other cryptocurrencies you only need to repeat what you’ve done in the bitcoin faucet list.

8. Promote your list in traffic exchanges and post it on forums to get visitors. Ones they claim in your faucet list you will earn referral commissions.

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